Registration is needed to surf the Internet.

The online registration requires a mobile  number.

The registration is free of charge.

The account credentials will be sent to you using a SMS.


The WizONE wireless network is detected by wi-fi devices in all areas covered by the service. After detecting the network (named “Varese Wifi”), open the Internet browser and try to surf. You will be redirected to the welcome page. From here you can input your mobile phone number, needed for registration. Continue following the directions given in this page. In a few seconds you will receive a free SMS containing your access credentials.


Login to the “Varese Wifi” network using your credentials: your mobile phone number (with International prefix) as you username, and the password received by SMS during the registration. Once logged in, you can browse the Internet for free. A pop-up will be opened and you can see all the information (Username, Ip address, download/upload Bytes, timing) about your connection All your future logins to the “internetONE” network will be done using the password provided during the first registration.